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Membership at Gospel Chapel

To become a member of Gospel Chapel is a significant step of committing yourself to this local body of believers, to serve, support and assist in our decision-making processes.

Membership Requirements and Process:

  • Baptized upon confession of faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.
  • Evidence of a regenerate heart by a consistent, separated heart in daily living.
  • Willingness to submit to the authority of Scripture, and those in positions of spiritual authority and oversight at Gospel Chapel.
  • Agreement with the Confession of Faith of Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren.
  • Agreement with Gospel Chapel’s Mission, Vision and Values.
  • Completion of the Membership Course offered by Gospel Chapel (which explores the biblical foundations and various questions related to the above topics).
  • Interview with one of our Pastors & Elder(s) and writing a brief testimony.

Membership Expectations:

  • Consistent spiritual life, prayer, reading, and study of Scripture, and fellowship with other believers.
  • Regular attendance at church services and functions.
  • Living a moral lifestyle consistent with biblical teaching and values.
  • Faithful financial support to Gospel Chapel ministries and initiatives.
  • Serving others by volunteering as gifted, called, and needed.
  • Participating at membership meetings and discerning leadership positions.

For more information on Membership at Gospel Chapel, please contact one of our pastors and we’ll be happy to meet with you and help you take the next step.