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If people hear the good news and respond to it, where are they to go from there? Discipleship, which also includes sharing the gospel, is integral to the life of the church and believers. No matter your age, if you are a follower of Jesus you are called to disciple others and be discipled yourself. We believe discipleship should be part of every ministry at Gospel Chapel. We are a community helping one another grow in depth with their relationship to Jesus.

Gospel Chapel invites individuals to connect and grow with one another in several ways:

Discipleship Triads

Study Share Support

These small groups consist of 3 participants of the same gender who meet regularly in person, online, or by phone. They are a mixture of ages and experience, from new believers to mature disciples, with one goal in mind - to go deeper in their relationship with Christ and with one another.

Community Groups

Grow Together

As a church experiences growth, it's important for people to remain connected with one another beyond the Sunday worship experience. Community Groups encourage individuals to do just that, in the comfort of a home setting or even online. Sharing, hospitality, and connecting in genuine, meaningful ways are all important functions of a Community Group as participants meet for meals, service projects, or bible study.

Freedom Session

Through biblical teaching, small group discussion and personal reflection, this program offers individuals an opportunity to unpack their past, everything from unhealthy patterns of thought and addictions to family trauma and old wounds. Through a process of discipleship, Jesus is invited to heal, transform and empower the lives of participants with a renewed sense of freedom and a renewed vision of their future. Click the image to learn more about Freedom Session, or forward your inquiries to Lead Pastor, Doug Dunbar, at View our 2022-2023 program schedule below.

Freedom Session


  2022-2023 Freedom Session Program Schedule


Friday Night, 6:00pm-9:00pm:

1. Do You Love Me?; 2. Finding Healing Through Discipleship

Saturday, 9:00am-3:00am:

3. Preparing: Small Group; 4. Discipleship; 5. Time & Prayer; 6. Facilitator Skills & Practices; 7. Top 5 Leadership Challenges

If you are interested in becoming a leader, facilitator or host, or if you are would like to be linked up with a Community Group or Discipleship Triad, please contact our Executive Pastor, Benjamin Jepsen, at for more information.